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The SpillTech General purpose Spill Kit is designed to safely deal with any liquid spill - including, oil, petrol, diesel, liquid chemicals and paint. This kit will absorb spills of up to 80 litres 

  • The General Purpose Spill Kit contains - SpillTech Universal Absorbent Pads - 400gsm (30), SpillTech Ultrazorb 2.4 metre Sock (1), SpillTech Ultrazorb 20 Litre Bag (1), Disposable Mask (1), Chemical Gloves (1 pair XL), Safety Specs (1), Breathable Laminate Coveralls (1), SpillTech Waste Disposal Bags (2), Cable Ties (2), Dust Pan and Brush Set (1), SpillTech Instruction Card (1)
  • General purpose Spill Kit can be used with most liquid spills including oil, petrol, diesel, liquid checmicals, paint, herbicides and insecticides (General purpose kits are not suitable for some strong acids including nitric and hydrofluoric acids)
  • The kit comes in a waterproof carry bag that can easily be carried to the spill - ideal for vehicles
  • The waterproof carry bag can be branded with your logo or any specific company identification details   
  • Absorbs up to 50 litres of spill
  • Spill Kits can be customised with products that meet your specific requirements and pricing on these alternative/replacement products is available on inquiry
  • The Spill Kit includes a contents checklist and for replacement/refill products please contact us for pricing details
  • Also available in 25 and 50 Litre Spill Kits with pricing on these options showing as separate listings
  • The Spill Kit is supplied with an Instruction Card to assist with the application of the kit contents
  • Unit Quantity: 1 Waterproof Bag & Kit Contents
  • Load / Capacity: Absorbs up to 80 Litres

Spill Emergency Management Procedures

Posted: Tuesday 15th October 2019

Spill Emergency Management Procedures

Spilltech Emergency Management Procedures

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Posted: Tuesday 15th of October 2019

Spill Response Procedures

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Posted: Tuesday 15th of October 2019