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Introducting the first fully automated desktop laminator that feeds, laminates and trims with the touch of a button. The GBC FOTON 30 simplifies the lamination process - just place documents in the tray, press start and walk away. 

  • Laminates A4 and A3 size documents in 75 or 125 micron
  • Machine automatically starts once warmed up and feeds, laminates and trims automatically
  • Laminator uses film cartridges which are auto threading and can only be loaded one way and this eliminates film loading errors - just place the cartridge inside and close the lid
  • The GBC Foton 30 automatically detects film thickness, straightens paper as it feeds, controls spacing and trims the finished documents for neat and even results
  • A sensor controls spacing to minimize film waste and prevent jams
  • 3 mode options let you laminate letter size pages, oversize documents and odd shapes
  • Load up to 30 letter size sheets in the auto feeder
  • Film indicator light shows when the film is low or empty and features auto shut-off
  • Supplied with 15 metre starter cartridge - replacement cartridges in 75 and 125 micron are available with pricing showing in the View Product Accessories Tab above
  • 2 year or 5000 laminates warranty
  • Height: 243.8mm
  • Length: 576.5mm
  • Width: 477.5mm
  • Paper Size: A4 and A3
  • Heat up time: 3 minutes for 75 Micron; 4 minutes for 125 Micron
  • Speed: 700mm/min for 75 Micron; 650mm/min for 125 Micron
  • Micron Thickness: 75 and 125 microns

GBC Automated Laminator

Posted: Friday 4th October 2019

The world's first fully automated Laminator

GBC Foton 30 Automated Laminator Brochure

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Posted: Friday 27th of September 2019

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