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Flammable Liquids storage cabinets are manufactured to comply with the Australian standard AS 1940 "The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids".

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Additional 250 Litre Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet Shelf


Our Price: $114.45

  • Suitable for storage of flammable liquids such as paints, solvents, petrol, thinners, kerosene, turpentine, white spirits, alcohol and ethanol and combustible liquids such as diesel, linseed and pine oil
  • Internal and external powder-coated paint finish for improved chemical resistance
  • Constructed using 1.2mm thick double steel walls with 40mm air gap between walls to provide thermal insulation
  • Single self closing and latching door with speed adjustable hydraulic closure for gentle closing action
  • 150mm deep liquid tight sump for containing a leakage or spill
  • Recessed door handle with key lock to eliminate potential damage from heavy knocks - 2 keys are supplied with each cabinet (cabinets with locking handles)
  • 50mm vent bungs for venting the cabinet where required
  • Static earthing connection - each cabinet comes with earthing wire to help reduce the potential build-up of static electricity, a known source of ignition
  • Continuous piano hinge - door hinge runs along the length of the door for better sealing of cabinets
  • Heavy duty 1.6mm perforated galvanised steel shelves provide added strength and free air movement within the cabinet. 90mm shelf increments provide flexibility to meet your storage needs (250 litre cabinet comes with 2 shelves to create 3 storage levels)
  • Additional cabinet shelves are available with pricing on this option showing in the options available section
  • Classification labels
  • Delivered assembled and freight will be quoted on inquiry
  • Unit Quantity: 1
  • Height: External 1825mm
  • Width: External 1110mm
  • Depth: External 500mm 
  • Weight: 185kg
  • Load / Capacity: 250 litres
  • Secondary Dimensions: Internal 1545mm high x 1020mm wide x 415mm deep
  • Shelves / Levels: 2 Shelves / 3 Levels

Dangerous Goods Cabinet Brochure

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Posted: Wednesday 26th of August 2015