Posted: Friday 7th December 2018

Now you might ask - 'what makes the design of a heavy duty office chair any different from a standard office chair?' The key design differences can be summarised as follows;

  • Heavy duty chairs are tested and rated for 24/7 seating comfort compared to most office chairs that have only 6-10 hour plus comfort rating
  • Heavy duty chairs are also tested under weights of up to 1000kgs and this provides a regular user safe weight loading of 140-200kgs, compared to most standard office chairs at 120-140kgs
  • These chairs also have a reinforced alloy base, as distinct from the PVC or Nylon bases on standard chairs
  • Most castors are 50mm diameter compared with heavy duty chairs that have a 60 or 70mm castor
  • The seat and back size of heavy duty chairs will often be wider
  • The seat and back are fitted with a higher quality (more comfortable foam). A recent innovation has been the introduction of memory foam that returns to its original position/shape 
  • The chair gas-lift has been tested under the most extreme conditions possible and will have a life-time warranty, compared with most standard chair gas-lifts that only offer a 5 or 10 year warranty
  • The chairs will often have additional features such as seat slide for taller 'users' and adjustable lumbar support for different shapes of 'users'

Office Products OnLine has one of the largest ranges of heavy duty office chairs available on the New Zealand market including EVO, Metro (Mesh and Leather), Spectrum, Plymouth, Bentley, Moda, Force, Motion, Legend, Urban Mesh and many more. You can check out the entire range of the heavy duty office chair options available on our website by clicking on the link below;


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