Posted: Monday 3rd September 2018

For the month of September we are thrilled to offer you our 6 most popular selling Trolleys at the following discounted prices. Check out the links for detailed information on the Trolleys;

BC47 Standard Double Basket Trolley - $375.00 + GST reduced from $582.40 + GST

BC94 Large Double Basket Trolley - $495.00 + GST reduced from $769.95 + GST



Next in popularity is our folding hand Trolley. This cleverly designed Trolley is a must have for every office, sales rep, courier/delivery person or even around your home. The Trolley (including the toe-plate) folds down taking up next to no space in your vehicle or office storeroom - and the Trolley  weighs only 6 kgs - yet carries loads of up to 150kgs


Check out the amazing discounted price below - and the link for more detailed information on the Trolley;

HT1050 Folding Hand Trolley - $99.00 + GST reduced from $152.25 + GST

Number three on our popularity list is the recently re-designed large deck Trolley with removable sides. This Trolley is used extensively in plant shops, schools, warehouses and on sports fields for transporting bulky items from 'A' to 'B'      

Our September pricing for this Trolley is a 'steal' and the link below has detailed information on the Trolley;

FD1840 Deck Trolley with Removable Sides - $195.00 + GST reduced from $295.00 + GST

Strong and robust this double plastic bin Trolley is very popular with salons, clinics, cleaners, motels, general office and filing areas for transporting just about anything that can't be carried 

This pricing is as special as it gets and check out the link below for more detailed information on the Trolley;

BM2 Double Plastic Bin Trolley - $295.00 + GST reduced from $516.18 + GST

Think of any application and this 3 level plastic Trolley will do the job - whether it be meeting room, catering, kitchen, library, shelf stocking or general office, this Trolley works   

Never before seen pricing for this very versatile service Trolley and more detailed information on the Trolley in the link below;

STR320 BM2 3 Level Plastic Service Trolley - $232.01 + GST reduced from $301.73 

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE - as an extra special offer and in addition to the huge discounts on offer for our 6 most popular selling Trolleys we would like to give our loyal customers an additional 10% discount - on any/all other Trolleys in our range  

Check out the link below to our on-line Trolley Catalogue. The sub-category list on the left will help to narrow down your search - and the prices showing on the product listings already reflect your additional 10% discount;

For the Super Specials and all other Trolleys simply process your order online and we'll do the rest


3 wheels from a total of 7 were required to travel 2345 miles. That represents 7035 miles in total. With 7 wheels available that is 1005 miles per wheel travelled

Congratulations to Priya Patel from Hay Park School who correctly answered the Brain Teaser and was successful in our Prize Draw


Two fathers and two sons went fishing and they each caught one fish. Why were there only three fish caught?

Click on the link below and email us your answer - and all correct entries will go in our draw for a $100.00 Office Products Online Shopping Voucher;

Thank you for taking the time to read our September Newsletter and good luck with our Brain Teaser

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