Posted: Friday 2nd November 2018

For the month of November we would like to offer all of our pre-school, primary, intermediate, high school, university, other tertiary and independent learning centre customers the oppotunity to take advantage of very special pricing on a very special package of products.

If you check out the link below you will see that the discounted package includes products used in the education sector everyday;


And remember our 'NO RISK SATISFACTION GUARANTEED' promise. "If you can find a better price - we'll better it by 5% - and if we get it wrong we'll take the product back at no cost to you''   


If you would like to purchase any products from our 'Specials Package' simply go to our Home Page https://officeproductsonline.co.nz/ - enter the product description from the flyer into 'Search for products'. This will bring up your product/s with the special pricing already showing and you can then;


The range of specials includes;

  • Transport and TOTE Bin Trolleys
  • Service Trolleys
  • Panel shelving for storage
  • Lockable cabinets
  • Wall mounted and sliding white boards
  • Notice boards
  • Staffroom and cafeteria Tables & Chairs
  • Soft seating  and Ottomans
  • Bar leaners and Stools
  • Outdoor seating 
  • Administration office desking and seating
  • Shredders and lamination machines
  • Laptop cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Miscellaneous office items including CPU holders 

and pricing on all of these popular education sector products has been discounted - for the month of November!


There are 3 switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one light bulb in the attic. You can switch the light bulbs on or off and leave them in any position. How can you tell which switch relates to which bulb - if you are only allowed one trip to the attic.

Switch one bulb on (left switch) and leave on for 3 minutes. Switch off. Switch one bulb on (middle switch) and leave the other bulb off (right switch).

Visit the attic and the bulb on will be the right switch. Feel the other two bulbs - and the warm bulb (which was on for 3 minutes) - will be the left switch and the right switch is of course the bulb that is not on.

Congratulations to Mary from the New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board. You were successful in our Prize Draw and your Gift Voucher is on the way to you.  






A person is trapped in a sealed room with only two doors. Outside one door is a fire breathing dragon - and outside the other door is a large magnifying glass that burns people on entry. How does the person escape?

Email your answer to the email address below and all correct entries will go into a draw on Monday 3rd December for a $100 Gift Voucher



This is so simple, so quick and so healthy - it is a must try - and you can make as many as you like as they're great for freezing - and the kids will love them!


  • One egg per muffin
  • Finely chopped onion - half a teaspoon per muffin
  • Finely copped red pepper - half a teaspoon per muffin  
  • Finely grated carrot - half a teaspoon per muffin
  • Heaped teaspoon of any left overs - chicken, bacon, ham, sausage, baked beans, sweetcorn (whatever) per muffin
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Grated tasty cheese
  • Sliced tomato

Method - 5 miniutes preparation, 20 minutes cooking in an oven (on bake) at 190 degrees C

Whisk gently all ingredients in a bowl including eggs.

Spray muffin tin with oil spray to prevent sticking.

Place equal portions of egg mixture 3/4 up the side of muffin tray compartments 

Place a slice of tomato and grated cheese on top of the mixture

Place muffin tray in a 190 degree oven and bake for 20 minutes (or until golden brown)

Allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from muffin tray

Serve with your favourite salad! 

Thank you for taking the time to review our November Newsletter, please feel free to take advantage of our 'Specials', enter our Brain Teaser or try our delicious Fritatta Muffin recipe!

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