Posted: Friday 2nd November 2018


A person is trapped in a sealed room with only two doors. Outside one door is a fire breathing dragon - and outside the other door is a large magnifying glass that burns people on entry. How does the person escape?

Email your answer to the email address below and all correct entries will go into a draw on Monday 3rd December for a $100 Gift Voucher

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How to Choose the Best Filing Cabinet

Posted: Monday 15th October 2018

Nothing compares to having a well-organised office. Paperwork can be a huge hassle, but it is a necessary evil. Files are an important way to keep your company records safe and arranged. A key component is having strong, secure filing cabinets that are both functional and aesthetic. Finding the ideal filing cabinet nowadays can prove to be a difficult task, but there are some important factors you will need to consider

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October Brain Teaser

Posted: Tuesday 2nd October 2018


There are 3 switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one light bulb in the attic. You can switch the light bulbs off or on and leave them in any position. How can you tell which switch relates to which bulb if you are only allowed one trip to the attic? 

Click on the link below and email us your answer - and all correct entries will go in our draw for a $100.00 Office Products Online Shopping Voucher;

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Why An Ergonomic Desk Chair Is Important At Work

Posted: Tuesday 11th September 2018

Every year thousands of people receive compensation for some form of injury that occurred while on the job.  Not only that, the cost of these injuries to company productivity and overall output can be staggering. 

The average office employee can expect to spend an average of 8 hours per day in a chair so it is completely understandable when Health and Safety experts agree that the correct chair is the most important piece of equipment in many workplaces. It is estimated that having good office chairs can improve productivity by up to 17.5%

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