Office Efficiency - Handy Hints

Exercising at your Desk

Posted: Wednesday 10th June 2020

As you become fatigued you are more likely to slouch and slump into poor posture. As soon as you feel tired, stop and take a stretching break. These desk stretches are easy to do at your desk and you don't need a mat, gym gear or lycra.   

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The Proven Keys for a Productive Home Office

Posted: Tuesday 28th April 2020

The jury is still out on whether employees who work from home or those who work from an office are more productive, but research from a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that people who work their same office schedule from home get more done per day. The  explanation? The quieter environment helps improve their productivity.

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Ergonomics at Work at Home

Posted: Wednesday 18th March 2020

Across the globe and here in New Zealand, individuals, families, communities, and businesses are adjusting to a new reality in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We extend heartfelt sympathy to anyone impacted by the virus, and sincere gratitude to the healthcare workers and organisations on the front lines who are battling this unprecedented disease. 

One of the impacts COVID-19  is having on our business community is 'forcing' many of us to 'work from home'

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The Disadvantages of not having a Chair Mat!

Posted: Thursday 27th February 2020

Desk chair mats are important additions to any office. While some of their appeal of a chair mat is aesthetic, there are certain practical benefits, as well. In fact, going without a desk chair mat can do more damage than you might think. Here are some of the pitfalls of not having a chair mat

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