The Boardroom is the Heart of Your Office!!

Posted: Friday 8th February 2019

The boardroom is the room where decisions are made, critical strategies are discussed and it is often the communication centre for your team. It is a silent witness to all kinds of 'meetings' and at the 'heart' of this is your boardroom table.

The style of your boardroom speaks volumes about who you are and how you do things in your organisation - and choosing the boardroom table and chairs that best fits your needs can be a 'minefield'.

Whether you wish to create a stylish space to impress your business clients or you are looking to create a space that will inspire and motivate your staff, there are a few things you need to think about when buying a boardroom table and chairs;

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Posted: Thursday 7th February 2019


January 2019



For most of us our work routines from 2018 have already started in 2019. One of the priorities many managers set early in a new calendar year is reviewing of workspace and storage - in preparation for the year ahead.

Typically this review can include;

  • Re-organising desk layout to create more space
  • Clearing out 'aged' records for storage
  • Reviewing storage options to prepare for forecasted growth
  • De-cluttering shared areas to help improve work-flow
  • Setting up new files for 2019's records
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Posted: Thursday 7th February 2019



  • My mother moved to New Zealand from Ireland when she was 2
  • My father served with the New Zealand army in World War 2 in Italy
  • I was born in 1958
  • I earned the nickname 'Ant' for my determination and ambition
  • Music is my passion 

Email your answer to and all correct answers will go into our Prize Draw for a $200 Farmer's Gift Voucher.

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Posted: Friday 7th December 2018

Congratulations to Nicole from Little Ones who correctly solved our November Brain Teaser and was successful in our $100 Gift Voucher Prize Draw

The correct answer was 'Exit the door with the magnifying glass at night - when there is no sunlight to burn you'  

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