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The Advantages of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Posted: Friday 15th November 2019

Investing in the physical and mental health of your workforce will create a healthy workplace and is simply good business. Improved health and well-being will lead to increased productivity, a positive working environment, a reduction in staff turnover and a reduction in the cost of sick days and work related injuries.

One of the key catalysts in creating a healthy workplace is an ergonomic office. 

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Introducing the world's first fully automated Laminator

Posted: Friday 4th October 2019

NEWS RELEASE - Lake Zurich, (May 15, 2019) – After four years in development GBC, an ACCO Brands Corporation brand, has launched the groundbreaking Foton™ 30, the first affordable, fully automated laminator that is redefining the lamination process. The Foton 30 is both extremely time-efficient and measurably cost-effective, resulting in a superior quality product for a fraction of the cost of industrial machines. Simple to use, fully automated, pouch-free, the Foton 30 will free up 98 percent of the time you would normally spend laminating.

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An Affordable Solution for Those Unsure Whether to Sit or Stand

Posted: Tuesday 10th September 2019


Following the development of Desk-top ‘risers’ in 2017 a very affordable and very practical solution for those wanting to try sitting or standing at your desk to work entered the market;

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To Sit or to Stand (at your Desk) - that is the Question?

Posted: Wednesday 21st August 2019


 Standing desks have been around since the days of Leonardo da Vinci in the 1400s and not only did da Vinci paint some of his most prominent masterpieces (such as the Mona Lisa) while working at a standing desk, he also dreamed up parachutes, flying machines and armoured cars behind the same desk. Da Vinci was the first in a long list of famous people who used standing desks;



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