More Conference, Meeting & Training Venue Chairs than Anywhere Else

Posted: Friday 15th September 2017

If you're ever looking for new or replacement conference, meeting or training venue chairs - look no further - we have the widest range of these chairs available on the New Zealand market - all at discount prices   

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How to Configure an Effective Office Layout

Posted: Wednesday 13th September 2017

Fitting everything you need to into the office space you have available can be a challenge and at the end of the day can impact significantly on productivity and profitability

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Posted: Monday 14th August 2017

With over 8000 products in the range there are always going to be times when we;

  • Have surplus stock that we need to shift to make room for new stock
  • Have products being replaced or becoming obsolete
  • Have new products coming in that we want to launch with 'a bang'
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Posted: Wednesday 19th July 2017

How to Select an Ergonomic Office Chair

No office can be without chairs, and of course, when talking about an executive office chair, the best one is always one that is ergonomic. Remember that people in the office will probably sit in their chairs for at least 8 hours in one day. This is why it is so important that people invest in ergonomic office chairs.

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